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Hi, welcome to the Mimicr testing family

Share your phone screen with friends instantly! At the push of a button, show your friends in live time all those crazy photos you took from last night...or that funny video you came across on social media...or that hilarious text conversation you just had with mom...or squash their favorite game high score while they watch you get the gist. Thanks to the voice chat feature, you can also talk to your friends simultaneously as you're sharing your screen! Don't feel particularly chatty? express yourself using our fun and playful emojis.  Sharing shouldn't be about sending a file or a link to your friends and patiently waiting for a delayed and sometimes disingenuous response back ("lol" anyone?). With Mimicr, you get to experience true shared moments in real time. No more lost experiences. Mimicr has more benefits than you can imagine: - Live screen share with your friends and family to get their real time reactions as if they're sitting right next to you. - Experience memorable moments together with live stream and avoid traditional sharing hassles (no more screenshots grabs!). - Switch the live stream easily from your device to theirs. - Need to address something private while screen share session is ongoing? Pause the screen sharing momentarily, before resuming the action. - Increase the screen sharing fun with Mimicr emojis and get real time engagement. - Replicate the real time connection felt when sitting and sharing next to a friend.

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